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Ear plays a unique and critical role in day-to-day living ...

  • The ear is the first organ to grow in utero. 

  • Sound is critical in normal human development. 

  • The ear and nervous system are intricately connected. 

  • The ear is connected to the body through three tracts Tomatis called integrators:

    • Vestibular (or somatic) integrator for body image, movement

    • Visual (or spatial) integrator for ear/eye connection 

    • Cochlear (or linguistic) integrator for brain stimulation


The vestibule, located in the inner ear, has 3 main functions:

  • Balance: As the primary organ of equilibrium, it plays a major role in the subjective sensation of motion and spatial orientation 

  • Posture: Vestibular input to areas of the nervous system elicit adjustments of muscle activity and body posture 

  • Eye Movement: Vestibular input to the nervous system helps stabilize the eyes during head movements