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NEP Success Stories

“I wanted to let you know that I feel wonderful! I have more energy than ever and I do my daily routine with pleasure. My mind is starting to open up with ideas about my business and how I want to re-invent myself as a professional. In fact, there are many thoughts and plans that have been coming to mind about my life in general….My dreams of dreary rain on dark days have transformed into exhilarating spring rains. I know there are many more mountains to climb and the process is ongoing. For today, I feel better than I have in a long time. In fact, I don't remember the last time I have felt this, if ever. I am calm, yet energized. My mind is uncluttered...thank you for listening to me for all these years. Second, thank you for Solisten, which has opened up my ears so that I can really hear your guidance and "listen" to myself for the first time in my life.”

Adult client under treatment for depression and anxiety for many years



“Both families have seen some very dramatic differences with their children. The 9-year-old (Asperger Syndrome) boy began sleeping in his bed four out of the first five days we began Solisten with him. He will currently play a couple of table games (Orthello and Dots) demonstrating logic in his moves. His logic is also seen in his language. The 5-year-old SPD (sensory processing) girl has shown the most dramatic differences. Her language has improved incredibly in terms of logical thinking. Her motor skills appear better coordinated. She has begun coloring between the lines and is willing to try to print other letters/words other than her name. Her cutting with scissors is also much better. Her parents (her dad is a pediatrician) feel it is all due to Solisten. I have been working with her for 2 1/2 years and she has had speech services for over 3 years. She also receives special ed. I also agree Solisten has been the difference.”

A new consultant about some of his first Solisten clients



“I took my first Tomatis program 12 years ago and have taken regular refreshers every two years. I just tried the Solisten program and just like my other Tomatis experiences, my energy is renewed. My memory is clear, I hear better, am more organized and getting more done in a day than before. Each time I take a listening program, I clean through files and organize my house. It is a great feeling!”

A woman in her 50s

“I completed law school with very good grades and took the Bar exam. I had to re-take one part of the Bar exam. Before the re-take, I took the (full) Tomatis Method and something happened when I took the program. I started processing information more quickly. I was able to easily recall what I had studied and could focus well and answer the questions. I passed the Bar!”

A young lawyer commenting on his learning and processing improvements

“My two teenage children were fighting each other all the time. Neither was motivated to embrace life, get a job, or improve their selves. All three of us took the (full) Tomatis® Method and our lives have changed. My son at 18 has a job, and has saved his money and has his own car, and has a full scholarship to university. My daughter, who displayed strong symptoms of dyslexia, at 16 took leadership positions at her new high school, graduated early and also has a full ride to university. I am watching amazed at how positive our lives have become and the friendship that has developed between my kids.”

A mother and her two teenagers who improved their relationships



”As of week 4 of school, my son’s grades are as follows: writing composition B+ (this involves creating complete sentences- a very big deal - previously couldn't do); spelling A+; English B; vocabulary A; geometry A; social studies B+. His handwriting continues to improve and show evidence of smooth cursive lines and connections. His focus and attention appear to be very good throughout the day. We have now removed the melatonin vitamins for sleep, completely from his daily regimen. His teacher is creative and passionate, and very positive in her reinforcement methods. He is receiving NO special accommodations with regard to workload, etc…He continues to have improved short-term memory with regard to homework assignments and due dates. This child is excelling in his school work.”

Mother of a nine-year-old boy diagnosed with sensory integration problems, anxiety, ADHD and OCD