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Seminar / Workshop - Stress & Conflict Management

Conflict management is an important part of being making progress during a problematic situation. During certain situations that employees reach in everyday life such as disagreement between two sides that hit a company, they must not look at the situation negatively, but must look for efficient and sensible ways to solve it with each side ending off satisfied. It is important that there are people within a company that can understand conflicts and know how to solve them. Conflict management is the ability to be able to get by and solve conflicts through handling the situation sensibly, fairly, and efficiently.

Ways of conflict management:

How a manager sees a conflict will ultimately decide the fate of the situation. They can learn to either handle it well and solve it, or leave it as is. These are a few common techniques that companies or managers may use in order to resolve conflict within their workplace. Some are effective and some are less effective,  

-Accommodating: This technique is used when one side immediately gives what the other side wishes for therefore keeping peace. It is usually used when that side perceives the situation as minor. For example the management may impose a certain amount of rules, but may have some exceptions to satisfy the employees.

-Avoiding: This technique speaks for itself. It is where the user will avoid or ignore the conflict and hope that it resolves itself without any confrontation or action. Most people who use this tactic are usually less confident about their own choices or decisions and want to avoid any sort of argument or confrontation. They may fear that this may cause them to be uncomfortable and want to avoid feeling rejected. This method may not always end off in the best manner however since it is so indirect and improper.

-Collaborating: This works by gathering together the ideas of multiple people thereby finding an appropriate solution that fits everyone’s needs. This may be a better strategy of conflict and usually leaves both sides satisfied since both their demands are usually met, but it takes more time.

Although some people may use the ‘avoiding’ and ‘accommodating’ technique, it is not always the best since it buries the problem, lets it grow bigger, and creates many hard feelings. Conflict management takes teamwork and consensus between the two sides. The first thing that the two sides must consider is creating a better and trusting relationship with each other so that they can work together easier.They are also encouraged to use the collaboration technique by actively listening to each others different interests and ideas, then agreeing on something that they both think is the solution. It is important during this period to be understanding and open to the opposite side so that tension and frustration can subside easier. You must be sensible with the final decision, consider both sides ideas, and find a way to put them together for the final decision. This negotiation will help each side to understand each other better and create better relations for the future. It may even prevent future conflicts from happening again since each side has built a better understanding of each other's thoughts. This is what makes the collaboration method a win win situation for both sides and is ultimately the most effective and beneficial resolution to conflict.