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  • Ph.D. Developmental Psychology from Center For Psychological Studies, USA

  • M.Ed. Educational Psychology from University of Arizona, USA

  • B.A. Psychology and Oriental Studies from University of Arizona, USA

  • Registered Counseling, Educational & I-O Psychologist, Hong Kong Psychological Society  

    Dr. Michael Lew is a bilingual therapist educated in the US with the highest degree of Ph.D. in psychology. Dr. Lew has over 20 years of experience working with a broad spectrum of clients and mental health needs. Demographically he has worked with children, adolescents and adults from diverse cultural and linguistic groups--as he is proficient in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. He has worked effectively with children of learning difficulties and developmental issues, adolescents with oppositional defiant tendencies and identity confusion, and adults facing social-emotional quandaries and life change challenges.  

    In working with ethnically diverse clientele cultural relevance is key. While anchored in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), he tailors clinical solutions according to client requests and individual needs, as he often incorporates adjunct techniques such as play, exercise, humor, laughter, pet care, mindfulness, meditation, desensitization and primal scream. He is an advocate and practitioner of positive psychology.


  • MSocSc, Counselling Psychology (Hong Kong Shue Yan University)

  • MPhil, European Studies ( The University of Hong Kong)

  • BSocSc, Psychology (The University of Hong Kong)

  • Professional member of Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association

    Charlotte is a counselling psychologist specialising in improving anxiety, depression, relationship, self-esteem, career, stress, and traumas. As clients’ companion through times of distress, she uses an integrative approach that draws on psychodynamic perspectives, delivered from an angle of compassion. She speaks English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, and provides online therapy. 

    In sessions, clients will dialogue with Charlotte to explore the inner world such as emotions, unconscious, defences, blockages, and past traumas that are at the roots of current problems. Followed by experiential exercises that are body-based and compassion-focused, clients will be guided to put insights into actions fuelling actual life changes. With increased self-knowledge and confidence, gradually clients will be relieved from their current challenges and eventually gain resilience to transform long-standing unhealthy patterns, obtaining growth and life satisfaction. 

Charlotte Wong.jpg


  • Master of Professional Counseling (ONU, USA)

  • Master of History ( Thought History) (BLCU, CHINA)

  • Bachelor of Arts (Chinese Language & Culture) (BLCU, CHINA)

  • Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP)

  • Certified EMDR Practitioner

  • Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner

  • SOMA Embodiment Practitioner

  • Certified Focusing Trainer (TIFI, USA)

  • Dog Therapy Counseling

  • Professional Member of American Counseling Association

    Ms. Fung Yuk Kwan, Jo graduated in Master of Professional Counseling Olivet Nazarene University.  She studied in Beijing Language and Culture University for her Master of History of Thought History and the Bachelor of Arts of Chinese Language & Culture.  She is currently the Strength Based Supervisor for psychiatric rehabilitation.  Jo has received extensive training in the treatment of psychological trauma, fear and anxiety over sexual assault case even more effect;Professional Certificate Course (EMDR), especially Certificate courses of AEDP (Level 1,1B), Focusing trainer, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, and SOMA Practitioner. She also serves as volunteer of Rapha Foundation.  Jo is now working as a Counselor for Connexion, under Dr. Kot's supervision.  


  • Master of Professional Counseling (ONU, USA)

  • Bachelor of Social Work (Poly U

  • Registered Social Worker

  • Qualified Personality Dimension Facilitator (Level I)

    Ms. Fung Yuk Lan, Josephine is an experienced registered social worker.  She has extensive and rich experience in the social work field  including Social Welfare Department, Children and Youth Centre, Student Counsellor at the Tertiary Education. She is studying a master’s course in professional counseling (Olivet Nazarene University).​

    She has experience in working with children, adolescents and adults with emotional disturbances. She is  now a part time counsellor at Connexion, under Dr. Kot’s supervision, and also an active voluntary group leader in Rapha Foundation.



  • M.A. in Professional Counseling (ONU, USA)

  • BSc. in Business Information Technology, (UCE, UK)

  • Certified Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEI, USA)

  • Professional Member, American Counseling Association 

  • Member, The Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association 

  • Associate CIP, The Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance

    Ms Ivy Chan graduated with a Master of Art Professional Counseling from Oliver Nazarene University, and learns Emotion-Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Focusing and Somatic Experiencing. She skills to explore the inner sources and existing resources to facilitate personal growth, deal with emotional difficulties, resolve internal conflicts, improve interpersonal relationships, cope with stress etc., and provides narrative-based career counselling. On the other hand, she has worked for many years in the insurance sector, and such experience helps her understanding the needs of different people.

    Ivy is now a part-time counsellor at Connexion under the supervision of Dr Kot.


  • Master of Arts-Professional Counseling (ONU, USA)

  • Master in Electronic Commerce (OUHK)

  • Focusing Certifying Coordinator (TIFI, USA)

  • Focusing Trainer (TIFI, USA)

  • Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEP)

  • Professional Member, American Counseling Association (USA)

  • Chartered Secretary and Chartered Governance Professional, The Chartered Governance Institute (UK & HK)

Rachel Wong is a highly qualified professional, serving as a Certifying Coordinator, Certified Focusing Trainer, and Children Focusing Trainer. With a Master's degree in Professional Counseling from Olivet Nazarene University, USA, and a Master's degree in e-Commerce from the Open University of Hong Kong, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her practice. Rachel's dedication to her clients is further amplified by her role as a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEP), ensuring holistic support on their healing journeys.

Motivated by a strong commitment to uplifting the underprivileged, Rachel shares her wisdom and experience with individuals from all walks of life. Through her teachings in Focusing, interpersonal relationships, communication skills, and personal growth, she empowers individuals to understand and navigate their inner desires, fostering a profound connection with their authentic selves. Rachel's counseling, Focusing, and group therapy sessions create a safe and transformative space for personal exploration and growth.

Rachel's extensive experience as a volunteer has exposed her to the transformative power of counseling in addressing a wide range of challenges, including depression, anxiety, parenting issues, substance abuse, and marital difficulties. Witnessing the positive impact counseling can have on people's lives fuels her unwavering passion to help those in need. Moreover, her corporate background has endowed her with a comprehensive understanding of the diverse needs of individuals, irrespective of age or background, ranging from children to adults and the elderly.



  • Dr. Psy (USA) 

  • M. Psy (UK/HK)

  • Master in Psychology (Sheffield Hallam University, UK) / (City University, HK)

  • Master in Professional Counselling (Olivet Nazarene University, USA)

  • Master in Business Administration (City University of Seattle, USA)

  • Bachelor of Arts (City University of Seattle, USA)

  • Psychological Counselling Certified Course (Tsinghua, Beijing, China)

  • Certified Gambling Counselor (Canadian Council of Professional Certification, Canada)

  • Certified Parent Facilitator (HK Institute of Education, HK)

  • Certified PREPARE / ENRICH Counselor

  • Member of The British Psychological Society (UK)

  • Member of The American Psychological Association (USA)

  • Member of The Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association (HK)

    Dr. Wong Sau Yee, Flora graduated in psychology in Graduate Theological Foundation in the United States. She is also studying the Postgraduate Diploma of Spiritual Direction in the Christian Contemplative Tradition in Christian Contemplative Spirituality Institute in Hong Kong.  She obtained a Master in Psychology in United Kingdom/Hong Kong and a Master in Professional Counselling in United States, in addition to her Bachelor of Arts and Master in Business Administration in United States.  She also completed a Psychological Counselling Certified Course in Beijing, China. She is a Certified Parent Facilitator in Hong Kong, a Canadian Council of Professional Certification the Certified Gambling Counselor in Canada, and a Certified PREPARE / ENRICH Counselor. She is a member of The British Psychological Society in United Kingdom, a member of The American Psychological Association in United States, and a member of The Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association in Hong Kong.
    She has worked in Europe, Asia and Hong Kong for decades. Her work experience and life exposure enable her to develop a sound multicultural background that enables her to cope with clients from different cultures and apply the most appropriate therapy and counseling approach to clients with different needs.  Flora provides individual (children, adolescents, young and senior adults), couples, family, group psychotherapy and counselling through an integrative approach. She works with clients in the areas of depression, anxiety disorders, etc., and personal growth and life crisis; work problems, family, and marital issues, adolescent issues, and grief and bereavement, etc.  Her hands-on experience in teaching parenting in kindergarten, primary and secondary school in Hong Kong enabled her to set up a Parental Development Program successfully at a secondary school, in which a counselling center for parents is being established. She offers counselling in English, Putonghuaand Cantonese.


  • M.A. Professional Counseling (ONU, USA)

  • International Certified Crisis Chaplain

  • Critical Incident Stress Management (UMBC)

  • Bachelor of Health Science Nursing (Monash U, Au)

  • Registered Nurse

    Ms. Chow Po Lun Ellen graduated in M.A. Professional Counseling of Oliver Nazarene University.  She is a registered nurse.  In taking care of physical health of people, she knows that the psychological health also played an important role in human being.  She is a volunteer of Critical Incident Support Group, which supports the psychological needs of staff in critical incident period in hospital.  Now she is under Dr. Kot’s close supervision in the capacity as a psychological counselor.

Juliet Lui.JPG


  • Master of Professional Counseling (Oliver Nazarene University, USA)

  • Certified Focusing Trainer (TIFI, USA)

  •  Member of The Hong Kong Professional Counseling Association

  •  Bachelor of English, Baptist University (BU, HK)

    Ms. Juliet Lui graduated from Oliver Nazarene University with a master's degree in professional counseling.  She has been servicing as a voluntary counselor and organizing different types of talks and workshops in local employee retraining centre.

    In addition, Juliet has obtained the qualification of Focusing Trainer a few years ago.  She has taught Focusing, mental health, Enneagram and personal growth to people from all walks of life, including community centres, churches, and enterprises.  Nowadays, people are facing the epidemic, war, economic pressure, etc., she sees that counseling is becoming more accepted by the local community as a mean of self care.

    Juliet has more than 20 years of experience in corporate sales and marketing.  She has particular interest in supporting people who have been facing challenges in the corporate world and family life.  They have suffered from enormous pressure and distress which  resulted in depression, anxiety,  Insomnia, physical problem, distorted family life, etc., she hopes to adopt what she has learned to help those in need.
    Language proficiency: Cantonese, Mandarin, English

 Ms Melanie Tsang Kam Wan

  • Master of Arts in  Professional Counselling(Olivet Nazarene University in USA)

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education(Hong Kong University )

  • Bachelor of Arts in English Studies ( The Chinese University Of Hong Kong )

    Ms Melanie Tsang Kam Wan has been a Secondary School English teacher for 5 years, then became a full time mother for more than 10 years, nurturing 3 lovely daughters. She had encountered emotional turmoil since childhood and adolescence, therefore she began to receive counselling and started her interest in issues about human emotions and psychological  health.  Around ten years ago, she benefited from systematic courses in Rapha Foundation and also received her Master Degree in Counselling.  In recent years, she has devoted herself to work with clients with trauma, anxiety and depression , helping them to head toward self- acceptance and inner peace.  
    Ms Tsang based her work on Person-Centred Therapy and Integrated Emotion-Focused Therapy.  She believed that through effective therapeutic presence of the therapist, clients can develop and finally see  their own value of life and strength.


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