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Autism / Asperger

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) presents a unique set of challenges. Children deal with a wide range of symptoms and require very different treatment plans. Children that have this special blend of social and communication troubles face very unique challenges, especially in over-crowded schools.

ASD is related to behavior, emotions and communication, not intelligence. Children with ASD may learn, think and interact in their own unique way, but nearly half of those diagnosed with autism have average or above average intelligence. In fact, many of these people, regardless of IQ, have exceptional abilities or savantism in music, art, mathematics, literature and computer science. This can make training with these children a challenge.

I.M. Treatment for Autism

Interactive Metronome (I.M.) synchronizes and improves the efficiency of our internal brain clock(s), which improves temporal processing and neural efficiency.  Since conditions such as ADHD, Dyslexia, Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, and TBI have all been associated with poor temporal processing, improving neural efficiency could potentially slow or reverse the affects of a host of clinical disorders. Greater neural efficiency results in more efficient brain connectivity, communication and synchronization between the essential brain networks. Increasing that efficiency is only part of the process.  Now, you have to be able to apply the improvements to daily life.

NEP treatment for autism

Dr. Tomatis’ Electronic Ear provides the well known Tomatis Effect which surpasses the other sound training programs that speak to aspects of Dr. Tomatis' work. It is a combination of audiology, acoustics, neuropsychology, psychology and physics to provide a complete treatment for children, adolescents and adults with autism, learning difficulties, ADHD, ADD, low mood swings, anxiety disorders, sensory and motor integration problems and other behavioral issues. Children, Adolescents and Adults whose auditory perception is disrupted may cause effortful listening and slow auditory processing; and professionals who may suffer from anxiety, over-stress, and burnt-out feelings may benefit from this NEP program. Tomatis' work has been established in international markets for over 50 years and in the United States market for 25 years.

assessment of autism

Is my child autistic?

Due to the complex and varying nature of autism, we must not simply judge by superficial symptoms such as a child's unwillingness to speak or to maintain eye contacts with others. More importantly, the severity of the symptoms, the effects on everyday functioning and school learning, and the duration of the problematic behavior are key assessment criteria. 

Through a comprehensive assessment of children's socio-behavioral aspects, a psychologist can distinguish an autistic child and may conduct further standardized testing and behavioral observations to evaluate the autistic child's strengths and weaknesses in learning, personal behavior and social communication, thereby setting appropriate developmental goals for the child.

Autism is a serious and long-term developmental impediment. To counter the debilitating effects of autism, early intervention often via behavioral and speech therapy is indicated to enhance the child's communication skills. When parents fully understand their child's special characteristics, they can help their children exploit their strengths and overcome their weaknesses, thereby expanding their developmental horizons.