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Life & Executive Coaching  

Executive coaching is the mutually designed relationship between a professional coach and an  executive of an organization or company who has strong control. The coaching is made for the benefit and assistance of highly important decisions that the executive may make that may impact the industry as a whole. The focus of coaching is usually on development and performance and is an important part of the executive’s key decisions. If the executive feels that their control over the company is problematic, and they want the solution to move the company forward, they will usually seek out a coach that will help them move their company to where they want to be. Coaching in a way is teaching the executive how to fill out their role and confidently make decisions that will benefit them and move them forward. Through a series of lessons on leadership and management, this practice will not only benefit the company as a whole, but it will benefit the individual’s ability to take on the competitive and fast paced world of business with skill and confidence.

How is it done?

The first few steps of executive coaching include lessons on what the client is looking for and wants out of this relationship. It is also an important time to address fears, weaknesses, or bad habits that the client may feel that they have. It is also crucial to state what goal the client is seeking to achieve throughout the course of this process. The coach will most likely meet with the client three to four times a month since the client has to learn how to make changes and improvements themselves. Weekly sessions help the client keep accountable for his or her improvement. Issues that the client is facing may also be discussed to the coach and a solution may be given on how to overcome this.


The coach may also discuss how to focus on strategic issues of the organization while managing personal developmental issues. Overtime, this practice may be beneficial to the client if they are willing to accept develop and commit to overcoming their old habits, changing them largely on how they approach company issues, communication, and how they can independently manage their own personal issues properly. The client will also notice that this practice of coaching does not only benefit themselves, but also everyone working for the company. Having a more capable and efficient executive will create a better work environment for everyone, boosting employee morale and confidence. These important components and improvements will surely turn their company around and help them make the right key decisions every time, driving them into success.

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